The Coziness of Winter

I admit that updated articles on here have been sparse lately, since my travels and experiences have been of a limited nature this winter. My routine since Dec. has been eat, drink, work, ski, snowshoe, repeat. To many people, this may seem extremely boring and tedious, but I admit that there is a unique beauty in the winter season that I feel is worth embracing to the fullest. Winter is, for many people, a very introspective season. Its a time to withdraw a bit, simplify your life, and to rest and renew. Of course, having a winter sport that you can indulge in helps immensely, and for me, the unique beauty of snow and ice in the woods is something to embrace , rather then be repulsed by. The day to day rhythm of winter time though, tends to be less hectic and pressured than other times of the year. Since there is less to do out of doors, and often, people aren’t as inclined to be out and about often, daily routines become comforting, familiar, and perhaps a chance to let go of mental and physical clutter. One aspect of winter that I have been surprisingly thankful for, since I moved to a four season climate, is the fact that the cold , harsh months give me added appreciation for the times of year when the environment is more pleasant for being outside. Growing up in a warm season climate was wonderful in many ways, but it also became a bit boring, and the seasonal variety I now have where I live is worth embracing for its unique beauty. I do think that it takes a bit more conscious effort in the Winter to appreciate the season for what it has to offer, but I think , if you are able to do so, it will add enjoyment to a season that so many people dread. Even travel in winter can be a deviation from the norm, especially if you visit a familiar place  in a different season, snow or no snow, it can seem like an entirely different experience, often with less crowds. I have loved being able to explore my local hiking trails (Northern Idaho) in summer and winter, on foot and on snowshoes, as I get a unique experience each time. In summer I may finish a day by hanging out at the local lake and watching a sunset, while in winter I might have a fire going and be enjoying a book, or perhaps a bath before bed. There are times that I actually look forward to winters gifts, as I know that both change of seasons, and rest, is good for the soul.


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