Adjustments Needed

In normal years, I am generally a fan of summer and mid-winter in my home area. If we are lucky to get a dry Sep. and October that can be quite enjoyable as well , esp. when you combine radiant Fall foliage with a degree of sunshine and residual warmth. Many years, however, November, the first part of December, March, and April (Occasionally Feb as well) can be wet, cold, and unenjoyable, with the peak of winter-sport season being either over or yet to come, those tail seasons are a waiting time for me. I have been trying to do more traveling that time a year rather than only during summer, but overall late fall and early spring are icky times of year for me. I tolerate cold plus sunshine far better than cold plus rain, and the former combo is what we usually get in Jan and Feb, if its a typical winter year , occasionally in late December also, though that month tends to be more like November in general. That being said, this year at the time of writing (late Jan) the Winter has been of the sorts I like the least, to be blunt. The temps have bounced above freezing far more than usual and while we have had significant snowfall, it has been wet and heavy, only rarely coming down as light and powdery. Rain has been present almost as much as snow, and the ski season (at least where I go) has been worth it, but only on a knife’s edge of beneficial conditions. More I have found myself dis-inclined to go outside, and while I have varying levels of Seasonal Affective Symptoms, the cloudy days have certainly not helped……   what to do about this? If I have learned anything in my years of living where I do now, it is that adjustment and adaptability is paramount. Esp. in regards to weather, living in such a varied climate area requires a strong sense of perspective and creativity, which is admittedly something I struggle with, but know is a powerful trait. I don’t want to claim that overcoming seasonal lethargy (or any type of depressive like state) is entirely voluntary, but this season, I have definitely had to do more sucking it up and going for things than I would normally like to. As always, phases pass, and if this ends up being disappointing as a winter overall, it shall be eventually forgotten. Maybe….

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